Engineering for Mining and Manufacturing

Design, testing, implementation, manufacturing and maintenance. We provide end-to-end solutions.


Software Development

For mining, aerospace, medical and more.

Our diverse set of disciplines enables us to solve all your software needs, including application development, application support, database management, mobile application development, and system integration. We ensure that all of our applications are real-world ready, maintainable, and most of all, practical for our clients.

Our software services are always backed by a rigorous quality assurance process, and we are committed to offering continuous support.


Control Systems

Data acquisition, instrumentation, process automation, and robotics.

We provide control systems solutions and have experience with SCADA systems, data acquisition, electronic control systems, process automation, and robotics. We are very familiar with the integration of hardware and software, which allows us to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Not only can we increase your productivity, we’ll also give you a competitive edge by helping you understand the process via data and reporting.


Mechanical Engineering

Creating practical designs for real-world applications.

The projects we undertake reflect our deep understanding of specific industry requirements and manufacturing processes. Our facilities and partners enable us to oversee projects from beginning to end, including design using latest CAD technologies, finite element analysis leading to early design improvements and optimization, manufacturing, testing, and improvement. This process has reliably provided our clients with successful products, time after time.

Our solid manufacturing background and creative processes allow us to transform ideas into industry-viable products.